Career – Second Single

The second single goes out later this month.

“You know me, I’m happy when I’ve got no place to be.
I know you, you need a plan for everything you do.
I can laugh, I can put away your photograph.
There’s nothing here,
I’ll leave you to your glittering career.”

If Silver was the ‘start of something’; Career is the beginning of the end.

I’m not bitter, honest !


Here Again – A Journey

We recorded Here Again as a quick in and out demo back in the mid 90’s.  I’d like to be more specific, but yea, that’s not possible.

It deals with the end of an intense relationship, the opening verse sets the tone.

You’ve seen enough of my face, I’ve seen enough of this place,
And I can’t believe I’m here again, I’m here again.
I try to find a little space somewhere that I can tame.

I can’t stand in your way
and I won’t hold you and say
that I am gonna stay with you

So there we have it, the self destruct button goes off again.

Resurrecting this tune has been arduous.  It was originally recorded on a 8 track tascam on 1″ tape.  We found the tape and the machine, but both were in bad shape, the tape was dropping oxide and sticky and the machine needed at least one new motor.

Stretch and I decided to use another tape to get the machine in a better state.  So first we bought a new pinch roller, then a new motor, thus ensued a mad search for the manual – found one online and set about dismantling the machine.  Two steps forward, one step back.  We even bought tension springs to calibrate the motor.  And so after a thorough clean we plumbed it into the desk and set 8 channels recording in Logic Pro.

We got a couple of surprises, one was a song we had both forgotten, the other was a series of old radio ad’s, where the theme was about missed opportunities.  I grinned like a loon when I heard my impersonation of the Beatles singing the last yea, yea, yea’s of She Loves You, just to hear the man from EMI, say no thanks; I quip in my best scouse accent, “There’s always Decca….”.

Anyway I digress.  We took two copies, cleaning heads each time, but the sticky tape was an issue, as the track progressed it got slower.  For the vocal parts this wasn’t the worst news, but everything else was probably too badly affected to rescue.  We had enough with the vocals, but everything else needed to be re-recorded.

Part 2 soon


Silver – the new single

Our first single from the album is out.

Its called ‘Silver’ and tells the story of weekend train trip to see the one you love.  I hope you remember how that feels 🙂

Available everywhere, see the links below:

Apple Music

Apple iTunes